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MindHearts Academy of the Philippines

Nurturing Everyday Heroes

Curriculum and Assessment

Helping children develop strong literacy and social-emotional skills are school-wide goals for all children at MindHearts. Our literacy curriculum is research-based and uses children’s literature as a framework for provided stimulating, developmentally appropriate learning experiences and skill development across all developmental domains (social-emotional, physical, language and cognitive). Educational outcomes are targeted as children select and carry out activities that are fun and motivating to them. This curriculum provides classroom staff with many ideas for individualizing instruction based on the needs of each child.

MindHearts also believes social-emotional development to be essential during the preschool years. To address this need, we have adopted brain-based activities with EQ teaching approach as our curriculum. Teachers use a variety of materials and resources – books, puppets, pictures, videos and role play – to help children develop the necessary skills for positive social interactions, conflict resolution and the identification and appropriate management of feelings.

Teachers monitor and assess each child’s development and learning based on brain-based approach system. We identify goals for learning and development across developmental domains and teachers assess children’s development and progress on these goals three times a year. Teaching staff uses information from these assessments to identify and plan for individual learning needs.

A per Term Assessment and Parent Consultation will be held after every Term to discuss the student’s progress. Progress Report will be issued every term while Report card will be issued after school year.