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MindHearts Academy of the Philippines

Nurturing Everyday Heroes

About Us

MAP's Core Values

MindHearts Academy of the Philippines believes in the mission of nurturing everyday HEROES. We believe in…

High quality learning and teaching which is fun, interactive, motivating and offer real life experiences;

Each child to have a strong sense of pride in themselves, their school and to be active contributors in the community;

Respect and tolerance for persons, beliefs, traditions and culture as fundamental to a learning community;

Offering a safe, happy and inclusive environment where everyone is valued, respected, fairly treated and successes celebrated;

Equal importance of EQ and IQ for a holistic education;

Service to people and community as the NORM for real Learning.

Mission-Vision Statement

MindHearts Academy of the Philippines (MAP) is a Non-Sectarian and A Child Centered and Community-Centered Educational System (ACCESs) that provides quality K to 12 Enhanced Basic Education. MAP holistically nurtures life-long learners to excel as happy, well disciplined, value laden and motivated Filipinos who serve the community and nation as everyday heroes and responsible global citizens.

MAP’s Guiding Principles: MakaDIYOS, MakaTAO, MakaKALIKASAN, MakaBANSA

1. Bring Filipino Moral-Spiritual perspectives on the learners understanding, skills, and values.
2. Challenge individuals to be friendly, caring and respectful Learners realizing their full potential.
3. Encourage differentiation, diversity, and synergy amongst learners.
4. Ensure that learners translate knowledge into practice for the betterment of the family/community/society/world.
5. Lead learners to participate responsibly in the family, nation and the global community.

MAP’s MOTTO: Nurturing everyday HEROES.