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MindHearts Academy of the Philippines

Nurturing Everyday Heroes



Jakeson Garzon Quiatchon

His professional experiences range from various positions such as administrative, sales, recruitment, teaching and event organizer in different global industries for seven years already. He also pioneered Student Peer Facilitators and engaged as speaker at Guagua National Colleges and President of Batch 2003 Alumni in BABNHS. His philosophy embraces the idea that paradigm of success begins when there is a proper mindset and great foundation to be moulded in every life that results change.

The strong educational background being an achiever ever since and an integrated expertise specialized in administering psychological tests to better understand human dynamics, provides that burning desire to pay back society in developing a qualitative education especially who was deprived from poverty of minds and materials.

Currently, he is an entrepreneur, freelance curriculum and program designer at his own established preschool, MindHearts Academy of the Philippines Inc. and work at his newly set-up centre, Braintelleq Pte Ltd, as Master Developer Licensed handling five centres in Singapore. He also incorporated Intelleq Connections Technologies Co., as a multi-level marketing. These experiences have enabled him to transform lives and leave a legacy from a wide spectrum of culture from young generation.

Andrew Ponniah

He started out as an Accountant and moved on to the education industry for the past 25 years. He has taught at Junior Colleges, Polytechnics, and Universities and helped start an international school 15 years ago. He is now the Director of Studies at a Business School in Singapore and also runs his own HR Consultancy that specializes in EQ/SQ training – The SEL Network LLP, Singapore. He is a believer in the balanced lifestyle and family life is the centre of his energy reservoir. He is married to an educationist and has 4 young children.

He is a registered CPA (Singapore), and finished MBA (Dist), MEd (Guidance & Counselling), Dip Ed, Dip M, Certified Productivity Practitioner, Certified Behaviour & Career Consultant. Andrew hopes to reach many through The SEL Network LLP and extend it beyond surrounding region.

Ian Poulier

Ian’s 12 years of experience in government school and private school settings as a counsellor have equipped him with knowledge and understanding of the psyche of students both local and international. Ian believes that the process is more important than the destination, especially in a world where finding quick solutions are the desired norms. Ian believes in understanding the culture and the world of the youth he assist. Understanding their culture and using their strengths will empower youth to reach their best potential.

Every youth has the potential to succeed; Ian believes that once a young person is emotionally aware of him/herself, that youth will then be in a better position to make positive choices of growth. This EQ approach to counselling is the bedrock of how Ian attends to each young person's need. Having been trained in Social and Emotional Intelligence, Ian believes that the EQ approach is the better approach of developing resilient youths and leaders of tomorrow.


Dini Sandys

She has more than 12 years of experience in the education industries in Indonesia and Singapore. Armed with Master Degree from the National University of Singapore, Dini went on to lead the St Francis Academy, a Pre-University Division of St Francis Methodist School in Singapore that runs Singapore A-Level as well as Australian Curriculum and the St Francis Baccalaureate. She was then offered a chance to lead the Early Learning Centre and Primary School of Singapore National Academy, an International School under the PIAGET Academy which runs Montessori Approach for its Early Learning and Singapore curriculum for the Primary and Secondary Schools.

Her exposure to diverse international and Singapore students from all walks of life has urged her to equip herself with the acclaimed Certificate of International School Leadership from the USA’s Principals’ Training Center to better meet the needs of the ever-dynamic youths. Dini has also been very active in the Character Development, EQ and Counselling Areas. She is trained in William Glasser’s Choice Theory & Reality Therapy as well as Tim Elmore’s the Habitudes, among others. Dini is currently a project consultant for the Superintendent Office of PIAGET Academy as well as for the SEL Network Singapore.



Chan Kai Yau

He is a distinguished educationalist. His initial degree in Mathematics put him in good stead to oversee work in schools and later the Ministry of Education, Singapore where he served as Director. His guidance in shaping and implementing policy in the 70’s and 80’s was crucial in ensuring successful educational outcomes. He was also the ASEAN Secretariat for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations as well as Chairman, Council of Institute of Education. Now in retirement and a Justice of Peace, he solemnizes marriages and is a much sought after speaker for functions and events.