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MindHearts Academy of the Philippines

Nurturing Everyday Heroes



Student Name: LJO
Level: Nursery II – Squiggles

MAP is a great school for my son. Not only that the teachers are competent to teach kindergarten students but they are kind, loving and patient to their pupils.

I am really happy and satisfied with their service and the education they offer to children. I am glad that I decided to enroll my son at MAP and with no doubt I will still enroll him this year.

I’m glad with my child development and achievement. I would like to thank MAP for making that possible.

Student Name: CNC
Level: Nursery II- Squiggles

Masasabi ko na ang MindHearts Academy of the Philippines ay ang tamang school na pinasukan ng anak ko. Why? Because of the school my daughter Calyx learned a lot of things, like understanding simple English word. At the age of four (4) she learned how to use computer etch. Dahil sa maraming masasayang activity ng school nag enjoy si Calyx sa pagpasok sa school at lalo lumaki ang self confidence niya. Nagpapasalamat ako sa teacher ni Calyx at sa mga staff ng school because they are very nice and very supportive sa mga student and parent. Thank you very much.

I’ll pray always na magpatuloy ang school sa pagbibigay ng magandang edukasyon sa mga bata sa susunod pa na mga taon.

- SC

Student Name: SG
Level: Nursery II – Squiggles

Mindhearts Academy became the second home of my son. I made the right decision in sending my son to your school. He became a bit matured now unlike before, he learned lot of things. He became more confident and I’m glad to know that he is a good leader and kuya to his classmates and schoolmates. I thank the management and all the teachers for taking care and nurturing my son. Mindhearts Academy is indeed a good stepping stone to children. It is hard for any parent to trust another to treat their child with sensitivity and care but Mindhearts teachers made it easy for us parents to send our children in school without worrying. I won’t hesitate to recommend your school to my relatives and friends.

- JC

Student Name: LAL
Level: Kindergarten - Giggles

As parents, we would always want the best for our children. It is important for me to have my son an early education that will help in his intellectual, emotional and social development. Enzo started in MindHeart’s shy and soft spoken. When he was a Squiggle, I often worry that he may not be able to actively participate in class and mingle with his classmates. I am thankful to Maam Shara for her encouragement and patience that he was able to overcome that stage and become active and eager.

Now  that he is a Giggle, I can see his confidence and competitive side. He enjoys school and the company of his classmates. He shares to us his new learning’s and experiences. Maam Bhevs teachings and sharing we got to hear from him at home. He enjoys making projects and even corrects me in my pronunciation. I can see Maam Bhevs hardwork and patience through him. Seeing his eagerness for new learnings, his newfound independence and recognizing his own strength. I am thankful to MindHearts that I have been able to provide him a good foundation.


Letter from Grade 1 grand parent

To the Staff of MAP and to the Parents:

I am satisfied with the school’s administration. I have no complain whatsoever. I have eight children, whom I have sent to school, primary until college, public and private schools, and military schools. I have fifteen grandchildren, all studying in private schools & universities. This is the only school, the MAP, that I have seen and felt such good camaraderie. They are one big happy family. From the helper, to the teachers and the principal. They are all approachable, I have not seen any snobbishness in them. You can tell them your concern and they’ll help you to the best they can.

Years ago, a grandson of mine requested me to go to the principal to write a promissory note, our salary was delayed. I was so disappointed with the principal, who is a nun. She acted as if she is the God of heaven. I thought she is kind enough. I told her Christ teaches us to be compassionate.

I am just comparing this small academy to the big schools in terms of atmosphere. Nowhere have I seen such a good and loving atmosphere. Other schools are money-oriented. My daughter Fatima made a wise decision when she enrolled her daughter here. Hindi ko ipagpapalit ang pioneering school na ito sa ibang big schools.

I love the school, a parent who is full of complaint has no business being here in the first place.


P.S. I am not after honors to be given to my granddaughter. What she deserves should what she gets. I will not complain.